More About Liberty Visions

Prince, Chipo, Caleo, Corban, and Carmel Makaya 2008

Liberty Visions was first experienced by the public in 2008, when Liberty Visions Learning Centre, then a small library, began. However, its true beginning can be found years earlier. In 1995, Prince and Chipo Makaya began brainstorming on ways that they could empower the underprivileged families of rural Zimbabwe. The couple realised after much thought that their passion and faith needed to be backed by an educational understanding of Christian missions. They then went off to earn missions-related degrees from Johnson University in Knoxville, TN. From there, the plan was to return back to Zimbabwe with their 3 children, Corban (9), Carmel (5), Caleo (1). Just before they graduated, they approached by a couple who introduced them to Good News Production International – Africa, an organisation based in Kenya which was doing much of the same thing that Prince was hoping to do. In 2005, the Makayas moved to Nairobi, Kenya to work alongside GNPI. The dream of starting their own outreach efforts did not die, as Chipo began to facilitate bible studies for private, Kenyan-system schools. Later on, in 2008, with the help of Rosslyn Academy, Chipo started a library for the kids living in Mji wa Huruma, a slum just outside of Nairobi. The library program grew and grew until the Makayas decided to begin converting it into a school in 2010. 8 years later and the school now consists of over 150 students in 7 classes. Prince has since left GNPI to work full-time as the director of Liberty Visions Media. Corban is now 23 and is about to enter his 3rd year of university; Carmel is 19 and has just graduated high school; Caleo is 15 and is a sophomore in high school.

Prince, Chipo, Corban, Carmel, and Caleo Makaya 2016